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Ayurvedic Test

Personal Constitution Test

(Please, reply with Yes/No to all the questions in the three sections bellow and send me a mail with the results)

Vata Constitution

Vata constitution

1. I'm too tall/short
2. I'm skinny and I hardly gain weight
3. My skin is dry, rough and dark. I hardly get sun-burns
4. My hair is dark. It's not shiny and is rather dry, tiny and curly.
5. My eyes are dark, not too big and not too expressive.
6. My nose is hooked
7. My teeth are jutting out with a distance in-between. The front teeth are bigger or not in good order. My gums are weak and sometimes are bleeding.
8. My nails are easily breakable with uneven surface.
9. My navel is protruding.
10. I walk easy and fast.
11. I have digestion problems - too much air in the stomach and I'm disposed to constipation.
12. I talk fast and the others think I'm too talkative, sociable and friendly.
13. I act fast without thinking too much.
14. I'm active and I forget to rest.
15. I easily get tired.
16. I'm easily aroused by new ideas.
17. I'm easily getting into the swing of the work.
18. I hardly take decisions and I often hesitate.
19. My mood often changes. I sometimes react emotionally and unpredictable.
20. I'm often worried and disturbed, sometimes without some special reason. I sometimes tend to over-exaggerate the problems.
21. I hardly remember and memorize faces, names and phone numbers of the persons I know.
22. I sometimes hardly fall asleep, don't sleep well, dream a lot and I often wake.
23. I hardly follow any regimen.
24. I hardly stand the cold weather and my arms and feet are freezing.
25. I'm sensitive to traveling and draught.

Pitta Constitution

Pitta constitution

1. I'm of middle height.
2. My skin is sensitive, soft, reddish or yellowish. I do not feel well if the weather is too hot. I easily get sun-burns.
3. I;m red-haired or blond. My hair easily gets greasy, it is easily getting grey and I'm loosing it.
4. My eyes are sharp, keen, green, grey or motley.
5. My nose and chin are sharp.
6. My teeth are yellowish and middle in size.
7. My nails are soft and pinky.
8. My navel is even.
9. I have good appetite and I easily digest the food.
10. I'm extremely thirsty.
11. I can't fast.
12. I'm straightforward and sometimes caustic.
13. I have a sharp mind and I'm eloquent speaker.
14. I think I'm an effective person.
15. I'm punctual and purposeful.
16. I'm insistent.
17. The others consider me tenacious. I'm strong-willed and successful in my career.
18. Sometimes I'm pedantic over some things. I like the order and I'm able to dedicate myself to a particular idea.
19. I'm critical to myself and the others.
20. I'm easily getting irritated, although I do not always show it.
21. I'm easily loosing my temper and sometimes aggressive.
22. Sometimes I'm jealous and short-tempered.
23. I love winter sports, cold drinks and food.
24. I'm disposed to moles and freckles.
25. I'm sweating and disposed to inflammations and eczema.

Kapha Constitution

Kapha constitution

1. My body is heavy and my joints are well lubricated.
2. My skin is soft, white, pale, cold and thicker.
3. My hair is wavy, thick, dark, shiny and strong.
4. My eyes are big attractive, blue and tender with long thick eyelashes.
5. My nose is round and ball-shaped.
6. I have nice, strong and well-ordered white teeth.
7. My navel is deep.
8. I have normal digestion even when I travel.
9. I forget to drink water and other liquids.
10. I like hot spices.
11. I easily gain weight.
12. I can follow food diets.
13. I walk slow.
14. I act slow in a systematic way and I never haste.
15. I'm well-balanced and tenacious.
16. I'm calm, steady and hardly loose my temper.
17. Sometimes I'm inert.
18. I'm rarely overexcited.
19. I'm jolly, kind, tender, inoffensive and non-rancorous.
20. I slowly acquire knowledge but once I learn something it lasts for life.
21. I have a deep sleep.
22. I hardly rise in the morning and I need more sleep.
23. I'm good in saving.
24. I like family coziness.
25. I'm disposed to mucus forming, sometimes I'm apathetic, I have sinusitis, I have problems with the throat, I have asthma or other lungs problems.
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